Whether you’re starting, scaling, or sustaining a business one of the cornerstones of success is creating a great overall experience – for your customers, your team, and your partners as well. 

But one of the things often overlooked by companies when scaling a business is the new hire experience. 

Why should you care about this?

One of the biggest expenses, or rather, investment, that businesses should make is in its people, whether that's in terms of time, energy, and money.

Whether you’re hiring a new person into the company or moving an existing employee to another department, failing to plan on your onboarding and considering what type of situation the person will be in is going to have a huge impact on your strategies and objectives.

Here are three mindset shifts you need to make as a business owner or as a company when it comes to new hires to make sure you’re getting rewarding returns.

3 Mindset Shifts in the New Hire Experience:

1. Design a value-driven onboarding process for the first 90 days.

Look at the most valuable use of this person's time and energy, as well as the resources you're investing financially for this person in the first 90 days, to create value in such a way that they move from a consumer to a contributor.

What kind of value are you going to create for the new hire in such a way that's going to allow them to be empowered and effective in their role?

2. Design a culture-focused onboarding process for your situation.

It's important to understand the season you're in and to design a culture-focused onboarding process for your situation, whether collectively or individually, for your new hire.

The STARS Model

STARS is an acronym for the five common business situations that leaders may find themselves moving into when they're in a transition or promotion. STARS stands for:

  • Startup
  • Turnaround
  • Accelerated growth
  • Realignment
  • Sustaining success

Businesses are breathing organisms that are in a constant state of change. If you are hiring someone new, and you are in the startup business situation, how might you adjust your goals, priorities, and hiring criteria to make sure your new hire is successful?

3. Design a recognition-based onboarding process as a trust builder

Identify early wins to build credibility and create momentum for new hires. In the first 90 days, identify ways to create value and improve the business results that will help the new hires get into that breakeven point faster. 

When you set the new hire up for success by giving them early wins, you're not only helping the new hires feel valuable to the company and cultivating confidence in them, but you’re also boosting the team around that new hire. 

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