There is no perfect client, no perfect team, no perfect accountant, and no perfect business – and relationships are key to keeping it all together when some things are not necessarily working at their optimum level.

As your client’s processor, partner, and protector, depending on the season they’re at, you need to look out for each other's blind spots. And if your clients don’t feel they have a safe space to communicate with you, then you miss the opportunity for that partnership to come full circle.

Relationships take work, hence, you need to set the table for a remarkable client experience that doesn’t just stop at onboarding because it needs to go beyond.

The Meet-and-Greet

At The Bottom Line, one big key that has made transformational success in our 100-day process is our meet-and-greet session right at the beginning of our 60-minute session with our clients. 

This is the very first interaction with a new client where we get to just have a conversation with them that’s guided by a profile used internally to make sure we know what we need to know about a client. 

A meet-and-greet allows you to dive into the stories and learn the battles going on in their minds such as what are the things that keep them up at 2 am. When you understand your client so intimately like a partner would that you know where to look out for them in whatever season they’re in, then that's where the war is won.

Otherwise, what’s the good in the process if you cannot, at some point, personalize it to the needs of your client? Finally, a meet-and-greet makes the entire process better and it makes people feel cared for.

Meet People Where They Are

If you're 10 steps ahead, and your clients are still trying to figure out how to open whatever portal you've sent them to, you're only doing them a disservice. Therefore, you've got to adjust your pace and meet people where they are, whether that's from the tech side of things, or from an emotional or mental aspect.

Give Client Experience Permission to Take Care of The Client

Empower people to do their work and give your team the latitude to really care for a client. You want to have people in the client experience seat that can make smart calls, and not over-promise. And that's where those surprise and delight moments come in. 

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