Love your website!  Who did it?

We get asked what feels like a million questions some days about accounting, taxes, and all that crazy, we love it oh-so-much online business stuff.  We also get asked as an online business in our own right who helps us make this amazing business, especially our website, work.

This page is our answer to that often asked question.

Jessica Mae Stafford, Chief Vision + Branding Officer

We can't have a website credit page and not mention our own. Jessica is the online business coach and branding brainchild behind The Bottom Line® with Marilyn A. Parham CPA. Everything you see on our site, in our services, packages, and programs is a byproduct of her vision, clarity, work, writing and passion.

She manages all the tools, systems, processes, communications, and business development efforts behind the curtain. And if that weren't enough, she heads every content project, product and course training we offer — even conducts a great majority of the how-to tutorials, screencasts, and online course trainings herself.

Interested in working with Jessica to bring your passion, purpose, and vision to life? She's all for helping socially-conscious entrepreneurs create money, meaning, and impact online using their God-given gifts. She only makes room for 2 to 5 VIP clients each year. Schedule a free 20-min Discovery session with Jessica by clicking here.

Amber Vilhauer, NGNG Enterprises

Amber has been a great support and source of inspiration when it came to bringing clarity to our copy and making enhancements to our offerings.

The NGNG (standing for No Guts No Glory) Team really helped us refine our vision to develop our new website. If you are serious about your success and want a website you can be proud of and get results with, a content marketing system that delivers the highest results in very little time, and have a team you LOVE working with… then your next step is to connect with Amber at NGNG.

Don't forget to tell Amber we spread some love and sent you her way… ya hear?  🙂

Discover a Done-For-You Marketing System That Will Grow Your Reach & Rankings

We invite you to discover a done-for-you marketing system that we use here at The Bottom Line® that will grow your rankings and reach while amazing and delighting you with its simplicity – and sheer genius.

Coming from the mind of my friend and colleague Amber Vilhauer, the Leverage To Scale marketing system is a stunning example of how one person can leverage her experience and ingenuity to the benefit of others.

Of course, knowing Amber, I should not have been surprised at the innovative and unique approach she developed to help online business owners and entrepreneurs meet the challenges of online marketing.

As a recognized Online Digital Marketing Expert, Amber has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide. She has supported countless entrepreneurs and small business owners to start or grow their businesses by offering smart, efficient, customized marketing strategies.

Now, she is leveraging her decades of experience to develop and offer a ground-breaking new way to market online, the Leverage To Scale done-for-you marketing system.

A Done-For-You Marketing System for All Businesses

The Leverage To Scale done-for-you marketing system is centered around content marketing and social media marketing for virtually any type of business, including:

  • Health and wellness practitioners
  • Coach in any industry
  • Service providers
  • Artists, photographers, musicians
  • Non-fiction authors
  • Healer or therapist
  • Speaker or corporate trainer
  • Technology developers and support
  • Education specialist
  • Financial advisor, lawyer, accountant or other professional
  • Most brick-and-mortar businesses…and so much more!

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who has struggled in the past to build momentum with your content creation, the Leverage To Scale marketing system is your solution to that problem.

For example, here is just some of what you will discover if you watch her FREE Private Demo: Watch now!

  • The big Internet change that’s coming – for all of us
  • Where to find a good VA and the cost
  • A crash course in Selling (to improve your conversions and boost profits)
  • A crash course in Online Marketing (…and what most don't understand)
  • Your new, complete foundational content marketing plan
  • A deep dive discussion on the value of your time
  • Effective “Implementation” strategies to get marketing and sales momentum, TODAY

So, in an effort to keep this post as short as I can, I’ll only say this: Please do yourself a favor and watch Amber’s Leverage To Scale demo.