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Because it takes a village and we like giving credit where credit is due…. not to mention the people and companies we partner with are “superfantastic”. 🙂

Love your website!  Who did it?

We get asked what feels like a million questions some days about accounting, taxes, and all that crazy, we love it oh-so-much online business stuff.  We also get asked as an online business in our own right who helps us make this amazing business, especially our website, work.

This page is our answer to that often asked question.  We are excited to share our journey and how all this comes together.

Now, before we get into all the 411, we'd also like to say that we didn't start here with our site.  In fact, we went almost an ENTIRE YEAR without a real website because Jessica — our online business coach and resident perfectionist — just kept painstakingly trying this and doing that and never getting our whole self online until we were “perfect”.

Not to mention we just tried to keep doing things with free stuff or circling the drain of “trial hell” before we got seriously committed to the tools we wanted for the business we dreamed of vs. the business we had in the moment. Sound familiar?  🙂  Yep, breathe in nothing – breathe out everything.

Nowadays she says, forget perfect — let's get this done and figure this out with the tools we need for the business we want not the business we have!  Let's invest!  Let's make this thing happen!

So….. more DONE happens and then the tweaking begins when there's room and time do so.  It's a process!

Stay encouraged!  Take a page from our “hope we never do that anymore” playbook and focus on getting your not yet perfect self out there above showing up perfect.  You won't regret it!

Branding | Design | Development | Coaching | Copywriting

Jessica Mae Stafford, Online Business Coach

We can't have a website credit page and not mention our own.  Jessica is the online business coach and branding brainchild behind The Bottom Line with Marilyn A. Parham CPA.  Everything you see on our site, in our services, packages, and programs is a byproduct of her vision, clarity, work, writing and passion.

She is not only responsible for what you see on the frontlines, but she manages all the tools, systems, processes, communications, and business development efforts behind the curtain.  And if that weren't enough, she heads every content project, product and course training we offer — even conducts a great majority of the how-to tutorials, screencasts, and online course trainings herself.

Interested in working with Jessica to bring your passion, purpose, and vision to life?  She's all for helping socially-conscious entrepreneurs create money, meaning, and impact online using their God-given gifts.  She only makes room for 2 to 5 VIP clients each year.  Schedule a free 20-min Discovery session with Jessica by clicking here.

[one-third-first]Amber has been a great support and source of inspiration when it came to bringing clarity to our copy and making enhancements to our offerings.  Amber and her team just “get” it![/one-third-first][one-third]Without Kate, there would be no site that we LOVE and ADORE.  Recommended to us by our friends, Gena and Jordana Jaffe, Kate has been a design + development God-send![/one-third][one-third]This online power couple is straight from the South just like we are…. keeping it R-E-A-L first always!  When we're stumped, they help us get unstuck with smiles + laughs![/one-third]

Don't forget to tell these gorgeous brains we spread some love and sent you their way… ya hear?  🙂


Themes | Hosting | Domains | Maintenance | Support

Domain purchases and basic email/web hosting are done through two different sources for us.  Don't ask us why, it just kind of started this way!  LOL.  Primarily we use for domain purchases (don't forget to Google “GoDaddy Promo Codes” before purchase and snag a deal!), but we also have an account we maintain over at where the first bones of our WordPress sites we want to try come to life.

One of the best moves we made for support, speed, security and well…. just pure peace of mind was to move our WordPress hosting for our main revenue-generating sites to the experts at WPEngine.  We made the switch and are oh-so-happy!

We do a lot of web work on our own among the team, but we have learned to delegate as much as we can so we're working smart, smart, smart!  🙂  For this we have outsourced a great number of web maintenance, site adds and edits over to the team at WPCurve.  No more fretting over pesky coding issues or just stuff that took us way too much time to do or fix.  Yeah!

The Bottom Line with Marilyn A. Parham CPA was built by the beautiful Kate Marolt listed above on the Genesis framework by StudioPress (you know, those crazy smart people from Copyblogger) on the Dynamik child theme created by Cobalt Apps.

Updated: March 2015

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