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Employee Handbook:
What is the benefit and do I need one?

An employee handbook serves as documentation of your procedures and practices, a key factor in your business’s health. Moreover, it sends a strong message to anyone you hire about your company’s core values.

Creating an employee handbook doesn’t mean setting your business in stone. An employee handbook can change numerous times, as often as your company’s practices and policies do.

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Why S-Corp Owners Need to Take a Salary

Tax benefits aren’t the only advantage to being an S-Corp. Another little-known benefit is that you can set up health insurance under the S-Corp and deduct your insurance premiums as “self-employed health insurance.” Nice, right? But you can only do this if your ”self-employed health insurance” is included in your W2 wages. In other words, it’s important to get a tax professional’s advice in setting it up right.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Processing Your First Payroll

If you’re going to pay someone for doing some work for you, you’re going to find yourself processing payroll. And like so many aspects of small business, the first time you do it can involve a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and crossing your fingers in hopes that you’ve done it right. To make payroll processing easier (and more secure) the first time around, here are 5 things you should know before you bring on your first employee.

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