008: Profit vs. Cash Flow – What You Need To Know

Cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, profit, distribution, equity, taxes, etc. – these are all terms that you, as a business owner, should have a good understanding of. 

But many business owners are overwhelmed by those because they feel everything is just super complicated. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. So today, let’s jump into these basic terminologies.

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007: Navigating Sales Tax On Your Own with Alex Oxford

Whether you’re an eCommerce seller, an Amazon FBA seller, or an online business owner, and you think sales tax doesn’t apply to you, you might actually be surprised! 

In this episode, Alex Oxford, founder of the TaxValet, talks about sales tax, how to navigate it on your own, and how new businesses should think about sales tax compliance.

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001: Welcome to the Pay Play Profit Podcast!

We’re optimistic, practical, hippie accountants and business partners who want to use this podcast as a vehicle to support entrepreneurs in chasing their dreams.As business owners, the business needs to serve us. But it’s not going to serve us unless we solve the problems of: Pay, Play, and Profit!

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