070: TBL Team Thanksmas 2021 Highlights

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In this episode, the entire team at The Bottom Line CPA joins us to share our Thanksmas highlights. We spent a lot of time and energy having fun together and wanted to give you a glimpse into our world and what's happening behind the scenes. 

It was nice that, for this one day, we just focused on building relationships with one other. All of us took our work hats off and just relaxed and opened up. Everybody was in their element: we weren’t necessarily grinding to get things done but were just free and happy. Simply, we were celebrating the human side of things.

Celebrating Thanksmas is a worthy thing to engage your team in. As your team works hard for the company, it’s important to always show them how much you appreciate them. One of the ways you can show appreciation is to spend the entire day getting to know each other better, especially if you’re a virtual company.

There are a lot of companies out there that don't take the time to do things like this and it shows. The key is to make your people feel like they’re a great team because they truly are!

Our greatest hope is for you to also spend time reflecting on and celebrating all the things that you did in 2021, whether you reached your goals or not. It can't always be about achievements. Celebrating Thanksmas is one small way to build trust as a team, to stay healthy as a team, and to celebrate all the highs and lows that have come along the way. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The story behind our company’s Thanksmas tradition
  • Memorable activities we did for Thanksmas
  • How we choose our words for ourselves each year
  • Our reflection on the words we chose this year and how they showed up for us

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