079: How HSAs Benefit You Now and At Retirement

Can you make a deductible contribution to an HSA (Health Savings Account)? Will the distribution in the HSA be tax-free or penalty-free? In today’s episode, we’re sharing these two flowcharts which you can use as a tool to help determine if this is going to be the right path for you to implement for yourself personally, or in your business (for yourself and your employees).

Employee Handbook What is the benefit and do I need one - Featured

Employee Handbook:
What is the benefit and do I need one?

An employee handbook serves as documentation of your procedures and practices, a key factor in your business’s health. Moreover, it sends a strong message to anyone you hire about your company’s core values.

Creating an employee handbook doesn’t mean setting your business in stone. An employee handbook can change numerous times, as often as your company’s practices and policies do.

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