Adopting a Growth Marketing Mindset with Sarah Mae Ives

Was your last business a failure? Then how is your next one going to be any different?

 One of the challenges business owners have is trying to get away from other people’s approval. We could get so wrapped up in what other people might say about us. 

But when something unfavorable happens to you, you have the choice to interpret what it actually means for you. 

And so, if you truly want to succeed in business, you have to make that decision to change your personal narrative from “I’m not going to be successful at business” to “I’m just going to go for it!” 

Social media ads strategist and business owner, Sarah Mae Ives, firmly believes that success in business starts by adopting a growth marketing mindset. And she shares some mindset strategies to help you set yourself up for success:

1. Make a conscious choice to let your past refine you, not define you.

One of the cornerstones of success is persistence. You must make that choice to try again each time you fail. There is power in rewriting your script and the stories you tell yourself. You can let the past either refine you or define you – and you have to make that conscious choice. Otherwise, if you keep on feeding the monster, you could find yourself drowning in blame, shame, and guilt. And this could leave you feeling all alone.

2. Running ads is more of a partnership – so do your part!

Some people think that ads work in a vacuum and that they work on their own, but evidence shows otherwise. In fact, doing Facebook ads is more of a partnership since Facebook favors advertisers that are active on their pages and providing great content. 

An experiment done by marketers found that the cost to run the ads from the page that was already filled with engagement was 80% cheaper than the brand new page. So it’s a partnership.

3. Just show up and you’re already ahead of your competitors.

Ads are a tool to get you from one place to the other. They can help you exponentially increase your exposure, and ultimately, your conversion to help build revenue. 

And when you show up, coming from a place of service, you're already going to be lightyears ahead of many of the competitors.

4. Marketing is an investment, not an expense.

Marketing really is an investment in your business. And typically, investments have returns on several different levels. 

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