046: Adopting a Growth Marketing Mindset with Sarah Mae Ives

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Was your last business a failure? Then how is your next one going to be any different? One of the challenges business owners have is trying to get away from other people’s approval. We could get so wrapped up in what other people might say about us. 

But if you truly want to succeed in business, you have to make that conscious decision to change your personal narrative from “I’m NOT going to be successful” to “I’m just going to go for it!” 

In this episode, social media ads strategist and business owner, Sarah Mae Ives, shares how you can adopt a growth marketing mindset along with some marketing strategies to help set yourself up for success.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Mindset challenges business owners need to overcome
  • Why running ads is more of a partnership
  • Getting ahead of your competitors by just showing up
  • Shifting your money mindset around marketing
  • When to start paying for marketing and how much
  • Paid advertising vs. organic reach

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