047: Online Legal Basics with Bobby Klinck

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Are you fond of using images, memes, and GIFs on your website? 

FYI: All of those things are copyrighted. 

So if you're using those in your business for a commercial purpose, you're almost certainly violating someone's copyright and you're putting yourself at risk. And that could mean being charged thousands of dollars!

People have also been fed this notion that all you need is an idea and a laptop and you can make money. But you’ve got to understand enough about your money and about the legal stuff to avoid problems down the road.

In today’s episode, Harvard lawyer turned online entrepreneur, Bobby Klinck, shares some online legal basics to help you protect yourself so you can have a lasting business – because what you don’t know might just hurt you.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Bobby’s journey into law and the online space
  • The power of written agreements
  • The biggest legal mistake entrepreneurs make online
  • Other copyright law violations you need to avoid
  • If you don’t have a Privacy Policy!

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