Every capacity issue in every organization is a people issue – and it’s a top-down issue. 

You're never going to solve the capacity issues in your team if there's not clarity at the top and if there’s a misunderstanding about your role in that process and what your capacity looks like in it. 

This also entails a lot of refinement and realignment. And all this has to start with you.

Here are some strategies to help you work through the challenges of growth and capacity in your organization:

1. Carry a clear vision.

80% of businesses want to truly have something that moves beyond them, whether that’s for their family or the future generation, while 20% want an exit. It’s important to get clarity on where you want to go.

2. Possess the emotional capacity to handle tough conversations.

The greatest enemy to working through challenges is just an inability to effectively communicate and to be as open as honest. Do not be defensive or judgmental. Handle conversations without having to turn them into something bigger than they are. Sometimes, you have to call out your own stories and understand that we are different people and process information differently. Everybody at the table has to be willing to solve the problem.

3. Figure out what the capacity issue is.

Capacity issues are all about people issues. Figure out what the capacity issue is and how you’re going to solve it. 

4. Put the time on the calendar to work on growth and capacity.

You’re potentially dealing with so much data between quarters to figure out what worked and what wasn't working. Data is so important because it will keep you from attaching your emotions to your decision.

5. This battle is spiritual first.

It takes introspection to figure out how you’re going to solve issues. There's a lot that goes into mentally making these decisions, challenging your mindset, and overcoming self-sabotage and self-doubt.

6. Be extremely clear about the lines you are unwilling to cross.

Your business has non-negotiables and your partnerships have non-negotiables so you have to be clear on what those things are and send that message across to your partners. 

7. Slow down to help you speed up.

It's not easy to wait and it's not easy to put something that you want to be solved right now onto the long-term issues list. However, slowing down sometimes helps you gain traction. 

8. Be willing to experiment.

Not all experiments are going to work out. But you can’t “not” experiment. 

9. Consistently navigate relationships.

How you approach that mistake is everything. What really matters is how you make it work when things aren’t working out.

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