There's conflict between different personality types and characteristics. Now, as an owner, if you can put yourself in a role where you're not always butting heads with other people in the team, but you’re in alignment and you’re actually doing what you're supposed to do, you can make some serious momentum and power in the business. 

This is when the role of an integrator comes into play. If you have a growing company, a visionary-integrator duo creates rocket fuel for a business to gain traction. 

Visionary vs. Integrator: When Two Different Hats Align

Visionaries are only 3% of the population. And there's only one Integrator for every four visionaries out there. But not every integrator is for every visionary because everybody has different levels and skills have to also come into play. 

The visionary gives the goal of where the team is going, while the integrator comes along and makes sure everyone's in the same direction. Without the integrator, the team would never come up behind the visionary. And without the visionary, the integrator would just keep marching. 

Together, they bring so much power and awareness. And with such clarity now, your company is able to capitalize on this.

Benefits of Having An Integrator on Your Team

  1. Stability

Having an integrator means you have somebody on our team that can hold that space so people are not always looking to the owner. You have to understand that owners and operators are two different hats. Most visionaries are also integrators because they grew up building their business. They're not necessarily great at it, but they're capable because that's how they launched the business. However, be aware that they’re still different hats.

  1. Clarity

Having a clear definition of your role, there’s awareness and the intentionality of putting on and taking off the hat. That way, you can operate in much more of a mindset where you know who you're accountable to, what your goals are, and what your responsibilities are for that function. 

If you want to learn more about bringing in an integrator on your team, check out 036: Visionary and Integrator 411 Gift Exchange

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