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Ever heard of an integrator role in a business? If you haven’t yet, or if you have but you still haven’t thought about hiring one, then at least consider listening to this episode. First off, this is way bigger than having a title. It's not about titles, but it's about what your function is to the whole. 

When you’re thinking about growing a team, the visionary-integrator duo is what creates this rocket fuel necessary for your business to gain traction. 

So what makes this the visionary-integrator dynamics so special?

In this episode, we have our team's integrator, Ashley Newman, where we discuss her significant role as an integrator and how her role has brought stability, clarity, and awareness in the way we’re doing things right now. 

There's conflict between different personality types and characteristics. Now, if you can put yourself in a role so that you're not always butting heads with other people in the team, but you’re in alignment and you’re actually doing what you're supposed to do, you can make some serious momentum and power in the business.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The role of a visionary vs. an integrator 
  • The Rocket Fuel University
  • What is a crystallizer assessment?
  • The DNA traits of an integrator and the benefits of an integrator role
  • The owner and operator are two different hats.

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