TPP #003 – Killer Impressions with Alex Beadon

Killer impressions — we all need to make them!  The Profit Path™ Podcast is honored to interview Alex Beadon of

Alex is an Instagram-influencer (follow her!) and Online Business owner making things happen in her School of Killer Impressions and more.  She's also a client of The Bottom Line CPA and long-time member of The Profit Path™ Program!

Alex with host, Jessica Mae Stafford, dish on what makes a killer impression, why visibility is key to building your online brand, and of course —– Alex's journey with finances and wisdom takeaways on what building your financial foundation early can do!

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What’s a “Killer Impression”?

“The idea is an ideal client should be able to find you online and immediately think, “I'm so happy that I found this person. They're going to be able to solve all my problems.” It's about creating a killer first impression that makes you so memorable and allows your ideal client to have a real relationship with you solely based on the content that you're creating online.”

What’s the best way to keep a “Killer Impression”?

“It is showing up consistently, being clear on your voice, being clear on your brand, knowing what you want to be remembered for, and knowing what story you're trying to tell through whatever it is that you're posting.”

What are your top takeaways about online content creation?

  1. Number one, when you're creating content online, the important thing is to have fun with it and to know that you can choose to show up in any way that feels comfortable to you. Video is so effective. Everyone on planet Earth is lovable. Someone is going to watch you and be like, “Oh my gosh. I resonate with her or him so much.”  DO video!
  2. Your quirks, what makes you unique, what makes you different, it's so much more palpable when people are seeing it and hearing it visually. Get to that level of self-acceptance and just be yourself.  Just let your quirkiness show. Be yourself and try not to overthink it.
  3. Know and understand that at the beginning it is going to feel awkward. You are going to listen to your audio or re-watch your videos and cringe when you hear your voice and cringe when you see the way your lips move because you never knew that they moved that way. There are so many things that you'll see about yourself on video, and you're like, “Ugh.” but it will also bring self-awareness so you grow and improve as YOU.


Did getting your business finances in order come early or later?

“My whole experience with finances really took a very long time for me to start. I'm in a much better place now, but I'm still on that path of still learning. I still have to remind myself like, “You need to document your receipts, and you need to get things in order.”

What’s been a big lesson for you in business so far?

“I've learned a lot over the last 10, 11 years since being in business. I think the big things that I've taken away are launch multiple times. Don't wait until you're running out of money to decide, “Oh, it's time to make more money.” Your business should always be making money. You shouldn't be afraid to make more money, and you shouldn't be afraid to have… your business.”

What’s a financial takeaway any business owner could consider?

“Something that's been really important for me is understanding that on the journey of figuring out my business finances, knowing that I am going to fall off the horse and knowing that I am going to forget sometimes and knowing that when you try to create a habit, it takes failing multiple times.

So when you fail, instead of being like, “Oh, see. I can't do this. I was never meant to do this, and I'm just not good at this.” Just shift the mindset too, “Oh, I forgot again. Oh, it's not a habit yet, but I want to make this a habit so I'm just going to jump right back in and just get back on that horse.”

That is so important and turning it into a habit is understanding that you're going to fail a bunch of times until it finally becomes adopted into your routine.”

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