Memorial Day 2019 – Service Is The Mission

Would you be willing to lose your life in service to another? 💕

The three-day weekend often has this amazing energy around it.

The three-day weekend is where you either plan for play, rest, or “let me go hustle in my online biz longer.”  Let’s be honest, some might just do all three and then some! 🙂

This three-day weekend comes every year and it is something much more.

I struggled with what to share this week and I asked for the team’s help to give me some writing inspiration.  They NEVER fail to rally behind me or anyone to achieve the mission at hand.

I read their stories of how they would play or rest.  I also read how they would remember and honor those who gave up so much so we could have the ultimate gift of democratic freedom.

There’s no politics here.  It’s about service and honor.  Freedom is what we value.

As a service-based provider, it’s our job to serve, but I believe to my core that we live that out each day as our mission.  This Memorial Day weekend I thought about my grandparents, uncles, friends, and loved ones. I reflected on the people our team members wrote about.  

The brave men and women of our United States Armed Forces committed to the mission of service by choosing to defend and fight for freedom.  The ones who are no longer with us made this mission their own for those they loved, those they never knew, and for those that hated them.

So, the question rises again.  Would you be willing to lose your life in service to another?

Our service to each other is how the freedom we value remains the freedom we receive.  To the men and women who gave all and for those who served or serve, we honor you.

Life is a genuine gift.  Thank you for being a part of ours and allowing us to be a part of yours.  We hope you have a happy, safe three-day weekend of play, rest, and remembrance.

In service and honor,

PS – Please note that we will be closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.  You can learn the ways we can serve you HERE.  

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