TPP #002 – The Process of Profit with Chris + Trivinia Barber

Process of Profit — What does that really look like?  The Profit Path™ Podcast is honored to interview Chris + Trivinia Barber of

Chris and Trivinia are the COO and CEO of Priority VA where they help entrepreneurs build teams they can trust. They are also clients of The Bottom Line CPA and long-time members of The Profit Path™ Program!

Chris and Trivinia with host, Jessica Mae Stafford, articulate the process of profit, how working with a spouse makes a difference, what happens when we bring our personal financial past into the business, why it’s important to live and play more, and of course —– Their journey to peak experiences and funding their dream to bless others along the way!

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What's it like to create profit with your spouse? 

These two have been married for 17 years and run their business together. It turns out they have a fascinating story about working together and how the partnership has fostered more growth in their marriage than any other process they have walked through. The money dynamic in your business can trickle down into your personal relationship. This is why it’s so important to understand the numbers of your business and know the process of profit. The journey to understanding profits will ultimately strengthen your business and the bond with your significant other! Haha.

What happens when we bring our personal financial past into the business?

“Numbers still scare me,” Trivinia wouldn’t spend money when they first became clients of The Bottom Line CPA. She was absolutely terrified that “the bottom would fall out,” of their business. Gradually she walked through the process of understanding their profits and opened up to joining masterminds which supported their profits at the end of the day.  Now they are spending big chunks of change with minimal fear and their business is absolutely thriving.

What are the key moments of the interview?

>> [2:20] Chris and Trivinia share about their journey while being married and building an online business with a sweetheart. They mention how the support gained from  The Profit Path ™  made a huge difference in understanding the process of profits and how that impacted their personal relationship.  

>>[3:50] They share about the business vs personal finances and how they intertwine.

>>[9:36} Trivinia touches on what to do when numbers freak you out! How do you grow as a person and business owner?

>>[11:30] How profit has made a difference in their lives and the way they live. The unique ways they play with their money will blow your mind. 

>>[17:41] Jess asks, “Do you live your life?” You must hear this answer for yourself!

[20:31] Serving the elite entrepreneur and how Priority VA has evolved. A partnership is key in business. Hear why you shouldn’t be the one doing it alone. Learn how to find the help you need?


Why is it important to live and play more in your business?

Step out of your comfort zone and experience the adventure.

Chris and Trivinia relocate from Denver to Savannah, Georgia. “We had talked about it for a long time,” said Trivinia. Before understanding their profits she had convinced herself that she couldn’t get her hair done.

Can you imagine this growth? They are pressing into a new way of life. The path from 2014 to 2018 was immensely transformational for these two.

What’s a financial gain any business owner can grab from this interview? 

“It felt so right,” shared Trivinia. Whether it is life, relationships, or business… Don’t do it alone.

A partnership is a gigantic necessity when it comes to profits. It’s extremely powerful to lock arms with someone who can care about your business as much as you do.

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