If you’re quick to say phrases like “I won’t,” “I can’t,” or “I shouldn’t,” that's a good sign that you're tapping into a limiting belief. 

We all have limiting beliefs as a result of our past experiences, family backgrounds, and spiritual or socioeconomic backgrounds. Oftentimes, these beliefs were instilled in us in childhood and we carried them with us as we got older.

As a result, we believe things that just aren’t true.

Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs

Many of us are stuck in prisons we don’t even know we’re creating. The key to getting out of your prison is identifying your limiting beliefs. An example of a limiting belief is, “I don’t know how to market.”

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs changes the way you think about many things in life. From there, your next step is to find out what the truth is.

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

You can overcome your limiting beliefs by retraining and rewiring your brain. Growth and freedom start in your mind. You must unlearn what you think you know. You can do this by turning your limiting beliefs into liberating truths. 

Using the same example as above, instead of saying, “I don’t know how to market,” change your statement to, “I am a marketer and can acquire the skills needed to market for scale.”

Ultimately, it's all about the power of the mind and what you choose to believe. 

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