Gratitude Series: A New Tradition

Welcome to our Gratitude Series! In preparation for the Holidays, the Team at The Bottom Line CPA wanted to share a few things about their lives and what they're thankful for this year.

Today's contribution comes from Karena Burgess of A Brilliant Bookkeeper, a sister company of The Bottom Line CPA:

My personal family tradition around Thanksgiving:

This time of year one is of my favorites because we get to spend more time together as a family doing kool stuff. When I first got married, I was asked what new family tradition I was going to start that would be unique to me + my family and all I could think of was food.. 🙂  That has since grown to other things.

So as a family tradition, we started helping out at soup kitchens. This later grew to where we delivered food to older folks that were unable get outside. As the years went by we improved on that tradition and visited orphanages outside of our local area to bring food and hygiene items to the children. We’ve also be able to travel to countries like Belize + Costa Rica to help out with food and hygiene products this time of year.

With the recent growth of our family, we had to figured out a new way to continue this tradition with our miracle baby. So we have adopted a “Secret Santa” idea where we shop for hygiene products with our daughter. Recently we’ve been able to drop stuff off under the cover of night or pay a utility bill for someone who is REALLY struggling. She loves it! It’s almost like playing hide and seek! 🙂 And we love the idea of seeing those smiles on the faces of disabled veterans, widows, widowers and orphans who would otherwise be sad. We feel really blessed to have our family and even more so to bless others in. Picture below of recent pickup for disabled Veterans.