Gratitude Series: Love What I Do

Welcome to our Gratitude Series! In preparation for the Holidays, the Team at The Bottom Line CPA wanted to share a few things about their lives and what they're thankful for this year.

Today's contribution comes from Richard James:

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”

– Confucius

Ok, so is this completely true? For the most part yes. I absolutely love what I do. Yes, there are times when the sheetrock looks like an inviting place to rest my head in. LOL. However, for the other 97% of the time, it is awesome!!

What I do as the Xero training specialist at The Bottom Line CPA, (the most Rock Star company EVER LOL) I train people that mostly have no idea what accounting for their businesses looks like. A lot of our clients are budding entrepreneurs or people that would not label themselves as such, but just want to be home more with the kids, dogs, or that favorite fuzzy blanket, and get paid to do it.

So many of them look to the growing e-commerce marketplace. Completely stretching the limits of Google to find out how to start their business and get everything set up and going.  Then that ominous date starts to loom and the “Oh Crap” moment happens. It’s tax time!!

Wait, there is an accounting side to this. Geeez! So they find us. Hallelujah!!

I work with our clients, to teach them the ropes of Xero. ( the most Rock Star accounting software EVER LOL) Their trepidation at this new dimension of revenue, expenses, chart of accounts, etc: brings out the Hulk in me and I just want to smash all of their fears. Helping them gain an understanding by turning this Greek speak into simple English is the most satisfying thing I have ever done.

Not only working 1v1 with our clients and getting to know them but being able to see the light bulbs come on like we are on the Stripe at dusk is worth its weight in gold to me. Seeing and feeling their elation when that understanding comes is just amazing. Not only am I helping find knowledge, but our clients get to understand another part of their “baby”. The business they have built from the ground. I guess you can say I love to teach, this is why I love what I do.