Discovering Who You are as an Online Entrepreneur with Katie Chase

What do you do when you’ve spent so much time, money, and energy building your business, but something just doesn’t feel right? 

Every decision is a profit decision and profit is measured in time, energy, and money. When you feel your energy isn’t in the right place as an entrepreneur, it's probably time to do a heart check. 

Katie Chase is a perfect example of someone who navigated her way and transitioned from motherhood to entrepreneurship, only to realize that being a visionary wasn’t something her heart wanted. Through her entrepreneurial journey, she discovered her strength as an Integrator and finally found a place where she’s her happiest.

You’re not a failure if you eventually realize that the business you've been building is not the business you should be working in. Just because you start somewhere doesn't mean that’s where you have to end. Listen to that little voice inside that says something's not right. Ask yourself those hard questions, be willing to listen to yourself, and sit with that for a while. Be honest with yourself and this will lead you to where you’re supposed to be. 

Investing in Your Financial Future

It was also through Katie’s entrepreneurial journey that she truly understood the financial side of business the hard way. She did so by partnering with the right team. People have a mindset where they’re almost always willing to invest in marketing coaches and consultants but not in their financial future. They see it as a cost rather than an investment. 

If you’re not handling your money correctly and you don't understand the health of your business, you may be bringing in money but spending it or leaking it somewhere without realizing it. If you don't understand where the holes are, you’re putting your business at risk. 

So, the earlier you can establish good financial habits and equip yourself with financial knowledge, the healthier your business is going to be in the long term. This is going to help you make better decisions because you’ll understand financial health. 

The only way things are not going to be scary or overwhelming is by learning how to do it right. By partnering with a team you can trust, you get to eliminate that fear factor, use them as your financial lifeline, and start making smart profit decisions. 

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