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“Can I Write It Off?” – Business-Related Gifts

Wondering if you can write off business-related gifts on your 2016 tax return? Here’s everything you need to know. Say what you will about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, it’s great for working folks! Our office was awash with chocolates, cookies, flowers, cards, and boxes of those chalk-textured conversation hearts. (#FunToRead #GrossToEat) Of course, we sent our…

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Raising Money Your Way

CPA Q+A: Raising Startup Capital Without Loans Or Investors

You’re ready to go into business for yourself.  Times….. they are exciting!  Getting into a new business and how to raise startup capital is a different process for everyone. A follower recently posted a question to our Facebook page that we felt needed a prime location in our CPA Q+A. Her question? What can you advise…

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