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Profit is measured in time, energy, and money – but how do you achieve a triple win on all three? Here at The Bottom Line, we have made a profit decision to shift from the usual 40 hours to 32 hours per week. We’re working towards making it our full-time standard, even during tax season. 

In other words, we want to get more done in less time. Part of our vision is to create an environment where people come in motivated, inspired, and feel like they are part of a culture bigger than themselves. 

Perpetuating a 40-hour work week isn't something we want to do. We want to prioritize rest as much as we prioritize hard work. And we also want to prioritize play as much as we want to prioritize hard work.

We also realized that once you’re able to create a container about what you want your business to look like in three years, from the day that you cast that vision, you’re able to set some goals and take the necessary steps to make your goals come into fruition. 

In this episode, we’re going to share with you how we’re currently executing our shift to a 32-hour workweek, where we are on this journey, how we’re making the transition without drastically impacting our operations, and some big lessons we’ve learned along the way.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why we decided to do the 32-hour workweek
  • Where we are on this journey
  • The impact on our team and our clients and some challenges we had to face
  • Taking baby steps to make it happen
  • Practicing the skill to prioritize
  • Biggest lessons we’ve learned from implementing this process

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