See How Our Online Accounting Service Can Literally Change Your Life

Are you a small business owner who has a dream, a passion, a skill, a product – but no experience with small business accounting? You’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs don’t start out with this kind of knowledge, and many make a lot of mistakes along the way. These mistakes are a big part of why 90% of all online ecommerce businesses fail in the first 120 days – but you can be the exception. Our online business accounting services offer many benefits that can save your sanity and your business.

Online Business Accounting Is More Affordable Than an Employee

If you don’t know how to do the small business accounting yourself, one option you have is to hire someone to do it for you. This person will save you a lot of headaches because they can ensure you’re doing everything according to legal requirements from the start – but employees are expensive. Even if there aren’t benefits involved, because employees work only for you, they expect to earn their entire income from your small startup.

But an online business accounting service like ours has many clients, so we can afford to charge less than a full-time employee would. You won’t have to waste money on an employee to handle the books, and you can still get expert services from a team of trained CPAs.

Online Business Accounting Gets You an Expert Right Away

Here’s another reason this option can change your life as a business owner: you no longer have to vet potential bookkeepers, hoping that the one you choose actually knows what they are doing. Our team is made up of experienced CPAs with up-to-date credentials and training. We are passionate about numbers, believe it or not, and we have many years of experience to bring to the table. You’ll be working with experts from the start.

Small Business Accounting Is More Time Consuming Than You Think

One mistake many startup business owners make is to think that small businesses won’t need a ton of bookkeeping. While it’s true the numbers may be smaller and less frequent for now, that doesn’t mean you don’t still need to devote lots of time to keeping the books in great shape. We believe that your books should be a tool to help you make decisions, which is why they need so much time. But time is the one thing you don’t have as an entrepreneur. That is why our online business accounting services are vital to your sanity. You can still do those important things like sleep and eat, in between the many other hats you have to wear for your company, while we handle the number crunching.

If you love the sound of online business accounting that keeps you on track to meet your goals, check out our program, The Profit Path, online.


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