Never Dread Business Accounting Again with The Profit Path

Does the idea of sitting down with a calculator and some graph paper make you cringe? Would you rather do anything other than balance a checkbook? Do you have horrible memories of math class in high school?

We can’t say we understand – after all, we are passionate about online business accounting through and through. Numbers are our bread and butter. But we also know we’re the exception to the rule. That dread you feel about sitting down to do your accounting duties for your small business is normal. And we know how to get rid of it for good.

The Profit Path Makes Online Business Accounting a Breeze

Here’s the problem with most online business accounting: it takes your data for the month or the quarter, and churns out a few charts that you present to investors or customers or tax prep professionals. But it doesn’t really tell you what is going on with your business. We believe that this is one of the key reasons why so many people dread business accounting – they don’t see how valuable the information can be.

That is why we created The Profit Path, a combined service that gives you everything you need to get started with accounting today. You’ll get fantastic small business accounting software, training on how to use it, and help designing your own custom online business accounting system. You’ll start to see how the financial information in your books can help you assess the health of your company and make better decisions in the future.

We’ve Got Your Back

The other reason that so many people dread business accounting is that they feel like they are on their own. Struggling late into the night with scribbled note pads and a confusing error message on their small business accounting software, they feel that they have nowhere to turn. When you are a member of the Profit Plan, you have access to a team of CPAs that can help you work through anything. And we don’t just wait for problems – we stay proactive in helping you build your business up with twice-monthly meetings to ensure your bookkeeping is on track and still very helpful.

A One-Stop Shop Makes It Easy

Finally, some business owners find it a big pain to get information and education on accounting in one place, their software in another, tech support in another, and so on. With the Profit Path, you get everything you need in one place, for one price, with no hassle. There’s no reason to ever dread your small business accounting software again.

To learn more about The Profit Path, visit us online, or join our monthly or annual membership plan to get started.


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