Every decision is a profit decision. That’s why you need to start powering your profit decisions through clarity breaks.

Clarity Breaks are one of the tools used in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which our company is running on. Whether or not you adopt EOS, the tenets of clarity breaks and making profit decisions hold true for any business owner and any business.

Remember, profit is measured in time, energy, and money. No one in the business is going to advocate for profit more than you as the business owner and visionary. Therefore, make profit matter.

What are Clarity Breaks?

Clarity breaks refer to quiet “thank you” time that a leader or business owner takes to focus on the business, create clarity, and protect their confidence as a business owner and leader inside the business. 

The Benefits of Clarity Breaks

Taking clarity breaks power you up enough to make all the critical decisions you need to make. It works for everything from solving problems in the business for good to just taking care of the things that need to be taken care of in the moment. 

How It’s Done

These breaks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Put 60 to 90 minutes on your calendar at least once a week. Sit in a space that's not normal. Break up your routine. Get away from your house, if possible. 

You also need to use a journal or a blank legal pad to help drive your clarity breaks because you will be assessing yourself as a leader of your organization. Any of your direct reports can assess you as well. You have to hold yourself accountable to your team so they know you're taking clarity breaks.

There's no right or wrong way to do them and it's a missed opportunity if you don't. If you're not used to taking time once a day or once a week, start with once a month until you build that muscle of taking clarity breaks.

There's no amount of time, energy, or money that's too small when it's the right thing to invest in at the right time. If you can't make the big leap to two hours once a week, or 30 minutes once a day, at least start somewhere and just try it. 

If you want to learn more about Clarity Breaks, check out 057: Powering Your Profit Decisions Through Clarity Breaks