How to Create a Culture That Champions Cybersecurity

With the increase of cyber-attacks in our world today, it’s no longer a matter of if but when. Whether it’s through identity fraud or information breach, getting your security and your company’s security compromised could cost you everything you’ve worked for. 

Don’t think IT stuff is only for big companies; it’s for everybody. 

As a business owner, you need to elevate your company in protecting your name and reputation. You can do this by addressing the internal security aspect and protecting the assets of your clients, especially their identification and cyber assets. 

In creating a culture that champions cybersecurity, you’ve got to invest in appointing leadership specifically dedicated to it within your organization. 

The  IT and Cybersecurity Champion Role

In this role, you're in charge of the security of intellectual property, identity property, and financial property, both inside your company shell and in the interface with clients.

Make sure that you're running smoothly, properly, and efficiently and that the tech stack isn't in conflict or causing problems from one platform or application to another. This ensures that your ease of access is not impugned any more than it needs to be.

Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Partners

It’s important that you find a good experienced IT service provider you can work with. They can do mundane things such as monitoring your systems for any odd activity and giving advice about the hardware and software you should be using. They also help keep all of your software and applications up to date as many of those updates are related to security issues. 

As IT service providers, they have the headspace and understanding to identify new security threats that may come along and help you get away from them. Finally, they can monitor the dark web activity on your employees as well.

Don't think that your company is too small to think about creating a culture that champions cybersecurity. The earlier you start doing it, the better.

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