Unchain Yourself from eCommerce Accounting Woes: Introducing The Profit Path

How to eCommerce Accounting

It’s a very exciting world we live in when anyone with a computer and an idea can start a business online. You can be making money – real cash money – just moments later. The speed with which it can all go right is mirrored by how fast it can all go wrong. Exactly why you must have an accounting system for your eCommerce business.

Without solid accounting for an eCommerce business, 90% of all online startups fail in the first four months. That’s right – just 120 days stand between your brand-new business and failure unless you are part of the 10%.

Why does this happen in eCommerce?

Because online business owners don’t have a path to follow. Owners see the opportunity, but they don’t take the time to plan out the steps they’ll need to take to make the most of the opportunity. You don’t have to be part of the 90%. With The Profit Path, you are guided by a real CPA. We partner with you to build a strong financial foundation so that you begin to see your profit. 

What Is The Profit Path?

The Profit Path is multiple services wrapped up in a simple system. At first glance, it’s an accounting system for eCommerce and online business owners who've never had to create one. A program created and built for owners who don’t want to deal with the hassle of managing and learning a tricky financial system alone. We walk with you in our DIY program that includes software such as Xero, Hubdoc, and Receipt Bank. 

We give you the system you need, with all the tools to set you on the right path to financial security in your business. You’ll have tons of data about the health of your business at your fingertips so you can take action when you need to. Even if you aren’t a big “numbers person,” you’ll be able to easily navigate the financial path to success.

Do You Need A Partner? 

We also help you learn how to best utilize this accounting for an eCommerce business, and how to maintain it. You have us as consultants and supporters, helping you gain the confidence you need to get your online business off to a great start. We’ll walk you through a specific plan that is designed for your ultimate goal. This isn’t about catering to the small side hustle you have now – it’s about making a path to getting you to the end game.

Finally, The Profit Path is also an accountability system. You’ll have a team of qualified CPAs supporting your growth through the entire process of following your Profit Path.

Ready to Get Started?

What do you think? Does The Profit Path sound like just the thing you need to be one of the 10% of online business owners who succeed? If that speaks to you, we’re ready to get started. The Profit Path is a membership program for anyone who wants to turn their dream into a DIY-ed reality. Read up more and enroll from our The Profit Path page.