Why WPCurve Saves You Time, Money and Sanity

Have you ever tried to move a photo or make a change in the sidebar of your WordPress site that caused the whole page to look… well, wonky? If you use WordPress as a blog or even as an e-commerce site, you know how frustrating it can be make little adjustments and then have to spend the rest of the day getting the site fixed because you messed something up.

Why WPCurve Saves You Time, Money and Sanity

If you can relate, there is a service that will save you time and money (not to mention a great deal of frustration.) It is called WPCurve.

What is WPCurve?

Here’s the way the service works. When you sign up for WPCurve, you have an unlimited amount of 30 minute WordPress tasks that WPCurve will complete for you. This covers almost every task imaginable except for migrating your site to a new platform or a complete overhaul.

With WPCurve, you can keep your website current and optimized. The folks at WPCurve can handle all kinds of tasks for you, such as, tweak your SEO, help you with marketing, or integrate analytics plug-ins. In addition to specific tasks, they will automatically install updates, provide an off-site backup in case of a disaster, and stop hackers from vandalizing your site or harassing your customers.

WPCurve is not a service marketplace that takes anyone who thinks that they can fix WordPress problems and lets them try on your site. All of their technicians are WPCurve team members. They aren’t a bunch of freelancers that the site curates. They have all been vetted and are known and trusted by the WPCurve administrators. They don’t give access to your site to strangers that may have nefarious intentions like could happen on UpWork, eLance, or similar sites.

An Affordable Fulltime IT Department for Your Business

Just think, instead of keeping an IT professional on retainer for hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, you can simply contact WPCurve’s Help Desk 24/7 with any of those middle-of-the-night problems that causes your site to crash and lose sales. They will walk you through those emergencies with live chat anytime, day or night.

A Plan for Every Man (or Woman)

WPCurve won’t cost an arm and a leg, you can get the service for as little as $79.00/month (when paying a year at a time) or you can pay $99.00/month when subscribing month-to-month. This plan, the Professional Plan, gives you unlimited small tasks. You can submit your projects one at a time. They will complete each task, usually within a few hours (guaranteed to be done the same day), and you can send the next task to them immediately.

If you have a large, complicated WordPress site that needs constant care and feeding, sign up for their VIP service. This plan allows you to submit up to three jobs at a time. Your jobs are given priority processing and are completed faster, and each job is double-checked by their crack QA team. The VIP plan runs $199.00/month or $159.00/month when paid annually. That’s really a bargain considering what you would pay a website agency or a “pay per task” site like eLance or UpWork.

If you are paying month-to-month, there is no contract that has to be paid off if you are ready to move on. Even if a single month is too much commitment for you, you can hire them for a single task for $69.00 to see how compatible you are. Think of the single one-time job like a blind date to get to know each other before you start a serious relationship.

WPCurve Will Help You Keep Them Busy

If you are having trouble coming up with enough tasks to keep WPCurve busy, don’t worry. They aren’t one of those sites that signs you up and collects your subscription fees, then hopes you forget that you’re paying them. They send you emails periodically with suggestions of tasks that they can do for you to get visitors coming to the site, keeping them there, and enticing them to buy.

When a service gets endorsements from folks like John Lee Dumas and Chris Ducker, you know that they have struck a chord with the online business community.

The Bottom Line

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a team member to do all those updates to your WordPress website like making your site show up at the top of search results (SEO), ensuring your site is running quickly enough that people won’t leave while they’re waiting for the page to load (reducing your bounce rate), and turning your website’s visitors into custsomer (increasing conversion)? You could spend less time fiddling with WordPress and more time building your business. Perhaps, WPCurve is the answer you have been waiting for. It was for us at the Bottom Line.

If we’ve not convinced you that WPCurve is right for you, visit their website and check them out for yourself: read their blog, listen to an episode of their Startup Podcast, and read their marketing guides. If we can’t convince you, perhaps they can.