Why You’ll Love Our Small Business Bookkeeping Approach

Bookkeeping for small businessDid you know that 90% of small business startups online fail within the first four months? If you want to beat the odds, you’ll need more than a great product. You’ll need a plan. And that plan has to include a system for bookkeeping online, or your finances will soon get out of control. Luckily, you don’t need to be a “numbers person”. We offer bookkeeping software and custom-designed systems that we can help you master in no time – or we’ll do it for you. Here’s how we approach small business bookkeeping.

Your Passion Is Our Passion

The first reason that you’ll love the way we approach bookkeeping online for small businesses is that we strive to keep your dreams front and center. We aren’t just here to crunch your numbers – we’re here to be a part of making your dreams realities. We’re passionate about helping dreamers, starters, and DIYers succeed in the ecommerce world.

We Love Educating and Mentoring

The next reason you’ll love our approach to small business bookkeeping is the way we handle setting up your bookkeeping software. We aren’t going to create a complex system and then leave you to figure it out. We love helping business owners learn not only how to use their system, but how to get the absolute most out of it. We help you create custom solutions for your bookkeeping, and then we continue to meet with you to ensure that the system is helping you reach your goals.

We Offer Ongoing Bookkeeping Software Support

You don’t have to be a big business to get great software support all the time. As a member of our Profit Path program, you can get ongoing support from a team of experienced CPAs. In addition to helping you create your custom bookkeeping solutions, and training you to use them, we also meet with you twice a month to discuss any changes or questions you may have. We act as accountability partners for you, expert consultants, and training coaches, all in one service.

Busy Small Business Owners Can Also Get “Done for You” Solutions

Finally, when you’re in a bind and need to focus on your company or production, we also offer done-for-you solutions in both bookkeeping and tax preparation. These can help you get back some of your time without falling behind on crucial bookkeeping duties. When you’re ready, you can get back to your system and we’ll return to being consultants, accountability partners, and mentors through the process. Consider us your ultimate support team.

To learn more about our Profit Path program, visit us online, and sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to help your small business beat the odds.


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