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Tax season is over and Discovery Sessions are now open!



Tax season is OVER.

This is us right now–feel free to join in:

A huge congratulatory shoutout to all of you indomitable entrepreneurs and small business owners who toughed out another tax season…

…and another shoutout to the doughty CPAs who helped their clients scale Mount IRS this year…

[Tweet “Huge shoutout to all business owners and CPAs for toughing out another tax season!”]

Here's something only savvy financial planners know:

Tax season is right up there with ultimate marathons and mountain climbing when it comes to the feeling of glowing satisfaction that comes with reaching the finish line.

We know it's not easy. But you should feel good great chest-poundingly amazing about yourselves right now. Especially if it was the culmination of a financial plan that you followed for the past year.

The Wait(List) is Over! Discovery Sessions Are Now Open

As for us at The Bottom Line, as soon as the last return was filed, we shut down the office for an entire day. We turned off our phones, put on dark glasses and big hats, and went to recuperate at secret undisclosed locations all over town. We can neither confirm nor deny that margaritas were consumed, Jacuzzi tubs were activated and maybe even a hot stone massage or two was received.

But before we left the office, we did one last thing: we opened the window back up for financial planning memberships.

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If you tried to sign up for a financial planning Discovery Session in the past several weeks, you probably got an email saying that you'd been added to the wait list. Sorry about that…we just knew that we couldn't take anybody else on during the hectic ramp-up period toward tax season.

The good news is that we're now taking clients off that waitlist and onboarding them into our financial planning membership.

We're pretty excited about it, and not just because we get to resume doing what we love best: helping small business owners map out their financial strategy for better profits and sustainable growth

We're doubly excited because, well, you guys are really cool!

One of the most fun parts of being a CPA is all the different businesses you get to discover. It's so inspiring and fascinating to constantly learn about creative ways that people turn their passion into a living.

We just can't resist sharing a few of these business stories with you. Look for them in the coming weeks!


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