Amazon FBA is one of the best sales channels out there for eCommerce sellers! That’s why so many of our clients choose to list their products on Amazon’s platform. However, as we’ve experienced first-hand, accounting for Amazon’s fees can be an administrative nightmare.

Enter — A2X, an award winning application that provides automatic and accurate Amazon and Shopify feeds.

Kristin D. CPA is this week’s host of The Profit Path™ podcast. She was honored to interview Carmen Montgomerie of A2X.

The Bottom Line CPA Partners With A2X

The Bottom Line, CPA has partnered with A2X since 2016. After claiming our niche in the Amazon FBA and eCommerce world, we knew that we needed to have the best tech solutions for our clients.

Accounting for all of Amazon’s fees and charges was a very manual process, which meant that there was a high margin for error. In the accounting world, error is unacceptable. Moreover, how could our clients trust their financial statements if they found mistakes?!

A2X to The Rescue

After trying several different options, we found A2X and knew it was the right fit. A2X makes accounting for Amazon and Shopify sales simple and reliable. 

In the time it takes to pour a cup of coffee, you can have your monthly Amazon sales reconciled in your accounting system. No joke!

A2X has the ability to load Amazon and Shopify settlement history as far back as the platforms will allow, making it easy to get your books caught up quickly. 

Moreover, A2X disaggregates Amazon fees so a seller can know exactly what they are being charged. Many of our clients have used this feature to dispute fees with Amazon — and save money!

Not only does A2X work seamlessly with the North American Amazon marketplaces, but it also connects to 10 other marketplaces globally.

What Makes A2X Different?

There are a lot of other integrations that are order-centric. A2X has taken an accounting-centric view of Amazon and Shopify.

Instead of starting at the order level, A2X starts with the money that gets put in your bank account and works backwards, matching and reconciling with sales, fees, and chargebacks. This provides an easy and trustworthy reconciliation. 

A2X can also help you account for your Cost of Goods Sold AKA Inventory Movement. This feature matches sales to inventory costs, tracking stock movements within Amazon FBA. From there, you can send this data straight to your accounting system.

Is The Cost Worth It?

Cost is absolutely a question that we want to address. Here at The Bottom Line CPA, our #1 focus is helping our partners create PROFIT in their business. Adding unnecessary costs is in direct opposition to this goal.

This is why we take tech investments seriously. We DO NOT recommend a software solution unless we know that the cost is worth it.

From our experience, A2X is absolutely worth the cost. Pricing is tiered starting at $19/month, which means that you pay less if you are a lower volume seller.

In the resources section below this post, we also offer a 20% off coupon code FOR LIFE. To sweeten the deal, A2X offers a free trial period so you can demo the software before making the financial commitment.

Why You Should Partner With an E-Commerce Accountant

In the podcast, Carmen discussed why she believes that small business owners should work with an accounting firm specializing in eCommerce.

eCommerce is a unique and relatively new industry. Without expert guidance, it’s easy to get lost in the nuance that this type of business offers instead of focusing on The Bottom Line, growing profitability.

“Expert ecommerce accounting firms have seen many different scenarios/transactions play out and know what to do – so merchants do not have to waste time figuring out how to sort unique and new scenarios out.” 

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