Are you using the ever changing world of social media to your advantage? This is particularly important for introverted business owners. Introverts are just as committed to the success of their businesses as extroverts. But, the reality is, (I know because I am one.), that introverts tend to lose energy or stamina when talking in a large group or talking in general for long periods of time. Introverted business owners need to network creatively.  That’s where social media can be a game changer. Social media is an excellent way to be social without the drain on an introvert’s comfort zone or energy. 

Here are some great ways for introverts to use social media in business.

Choose the right platform for your business avatar and cater to that crowd. 

There are nearly 100 social media platforms available. The average user has close to 8 accounts. Zero in on where your customers hang out? Every platform is unique and engages community in a different way. Choose the platform that makes the most sense for your client avatar or type.  

Research what your customers use and employ these platforms to your advantage. In most cases, you don’t have to be seen or heard if you don’t want that. Just because your clients use Instagram, doesn’t mean you have to be the face of your business. You can post product pics or other still images. If your customers like TikTok, make some short videos (or have your kids make them) to showcase your products or services. 

If podcasts are your thing, do your clients love YouTube or Pinterest? The important thing is to define your ideal customer (your Avatar) and discover his or her ideal platform and then learn how to be effective on that stage and be consistent in your posting. 

Give your fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your biz

Social media is a great way to share tidbits about your business and personal life that set you apart from other businesses. Regularly posting content can help your account attract and keep people engaged. 

Go beyond posting business-related info and include behind-the-scenes info or occasional personal info that is relevant to your market. We do this here at The Bottom Line®. We have introduced our team to our readers one member at a time using a bio and exploring their role on our team. 

We have on occasion gotten rather vulnerable with our readers, choosing to share our mistakes or admitting when we need a recharge. 

Tap into the best features on your platform

Every social media platform has tools to increase your reach and engage with your followers. Be sure to tap into the newest resources and don’t be afraid to try new things as they emerge. Early adopters tend to get more traction which can help an introvert reach a wider audience without having to leave their desk.

Create a social media game plan (for the quarter or the whole year)

Introverts typically like to analyze things carefully. Use this to your advantage and include your social media strategy in your strategic planning and budget. Research, research, research! It’s close to being a science! 

Since introverts are a bit better at pre-planning, determine what impact you want your business to make for the year and plan accordingly. This will help you keep your social media fresh, timely, and engaging all year long. 

The Bottom Line

Social media can be a game-changer for introverted business owners who need traction and engagement with their customers, but don’t have the energy or desire for crowds, meet-ups, or other large-scale networking.