Get Some Sweet Summer Lovin’ (from Xero)

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I confess that I've always had a thing for chaotic, disheveled, temperamental types.

Not just in romantic partners, but in the way that I organize my business.

Maybe it's the sense of adventure that comes with never knowing where you'll end up at the end of the day.

Or maybe it's the rebellious thrill of breaking the rules that all the 9-to-5ers keep.

Or maybe it's really just fear of getting stuck in the status quo.

Is It Creativity…Or Just Chaos?

For a lot of entrepreneurs, those are the feelings that drive us to create compulsively, embrace risk, and constantly attempt the impossible. It's easier to just get started on the dream and figure out the details later.

Which is fine…until those details catch up with you.

At tax time, for instance.

Or when you're ready to make an important life step that involves showing a bank your profit-and-loss statement.

Those are the moments when the romantic shine starts to wear off the craziness of your business style. It starts to look less “creative” and more like “chaotic.”

If you're lucky, this is the moment when Xero enters the picture.

Enter Xero–The Hero You Never Saw Coming

You know that scene in a romantic comedy:

The one where the nerdy best friend whips off his glasses and saves the day, and suddenly the girl realizes that this is what she's needed all along.

That's how it feels to use Xero for the first time.

Once you encounter this clean, efficient, thoughtful accounting software, you suddenly see your old ways for what they were: an energy-draining, headache-causing waste of time that you could have spent building something beautiful.

Fortunately, it's not too late. Xero is here to pick up the pieces and help your business move forward, stronger than ever.

Give Your Finances a New Lease on Life

The amazing thing about Xero is that it loves your big entrepreneurial dreams. Rather than taming your reckless creativity, Xero wants to it to thrive. By taking care of all those little financial details for you, Xero builds a solid foundation under your big entrepreneurial dreams.

Here are just a few of the things Xero will do for you:

  • Stands up for you. Xero lets you create recurring invoices and even updates you when they’re opened.
  • Holds your purse while you're shopping. Xero easily handles personal expenses and manages your cashflow by scheduling payments for you.
  • Moves heavy stuff. Xero's tracking of sales and purchases makes inventory a breeze.
  • Cleans the house and does the dishes. Xero imports all your banking, credit card and PayPal transactions and automatically sorts them into categories.
  • Makes sure you're never alone. The Xero mobile app goes everywhere your smartphone and tablet goes.
  • Gets along with your friends. Xero integrates with over 500 third-party apps.
  • Helps you get over past relationships. Xero will convert your QuickBooks data within 3 hours.
  • Makes you look good. Xero collects all your financial data into a polished profit-and-loss statement that you can show to any bank, any time.

All this, plus a user interface that's easy on the eyes? Xero, you had us at hello.

The Bottom Line

Why keep fooling around with a financial system that isn't going anywhere? Ditch the chaos (and that giant folder of paper receipts) and ride off into the sunset with Xero.

Right now, Xero has a free trial offer waiting just for you! Click here to sign up now.

Think of it is as a summer fling for your finances. One that (we're willing to bet) leads to the happily-ever-after that business dreams are made of.