The Financial Rockstar Interview Series

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Find out how small business owners (just like you) are living the dream by creating a strong financial plan.

Meet Kerry Sheppard — Financial Planning Rockstar

Kerry is a business strategist for online entrepreneurs. Her particular passion is helping women build an online business that fuels their life. Guided by her firm belief that you don't have to be a workaholic to build a profitable business, Kerry starts by grounding her clients in a foundation of simplicity and helps them build toward bigger and bolder moves.

All this talk about strong foundations and bold moves led to a great chat with Kerry about how she built her own financial foundation.

What does “having a strong financial base” mean to you?

It means not only having money in the bank, investments, and no debt, but it also means having a system to bring in money each and every month.

What made you decide to get intentional about creating a financial plan for your business?

I knew I couldn't do it on my own, as it's not my zone of genius. I knew it would actually cost me more money and time to try and do it on my own.

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Your core expertise is in teaching entrepreneurs not to “freeze in the headlights” when it comes to sales/marketing for their business. How can having a solid financial plan help business owners in this situation?

I believe sales and marketing is the most important foundational element of a business. It can also be the area people want to skip over. Without a strong foundation you can't build a solid long standing business. By having a solid financial plan you know how and where your income is coming in on a consistent basis.

What are you proudest of, when it comes to mastering your business finances?

I am most proud of the impact that I've been able to have in my clients' lives and business. I know by doing what I'm doing I'm paving a path and showing women what's possible.

How has financial planning made your business more amazing this year?

It gives me the security to know that I have a plan and has allowed me to take the steps and leaps in my business that are ultimately taking my business to whole new level.

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