Building An Online Financial
Powerhouse with Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers is the Founder of Copy Chief, where his passion has become connecting talented freelance copywriters to businesses that need them to increase sales, grow businesses, and expose the hidden talents of freelancers.  

A former stand-up comedian, partnering with Kevin and his team has put the word fun into overdrive.  Our collaboration with Kevin and his team is one for the books! 🤣


As Chief Kevin sees it, his strange (but useful) background as a nightclub comic and then as an in-the-trenches salesperson led to the formula which became his Amazon best-selling book The 60-Second Sales Hook.  His book has helped generate more than $100M in sales for his clients.

Kevin’s business serves as an online powerhouse with a trusted team and a “no drama” membership community of freelance copywriters.  Kevin also mentors hundreds of business owners to achieve their Real Free Life™.  

Behind the scenes, we also caught a sweet truth that Kevin’s greatest role in the online game (and in life!) is in service to his family. 💖

Our goal in partnership with Kevin is to shift his business into an online financial powerhouse where “pay, play, and profit” are the business priority. This goal allows Kevin and his team to keep dishing up the good stuff only they can deliver to the markets they were born to disrupt.

Opportunity Knocks

Kevin was introduced to The Bottom Line CPA by his deeply brilliant assistant, Mary.

Kevin had developed a growing frustration with the financial side of his business where financial systems and facts were present but not consistent.  

Financial growth fatigue had also set in trying to establish a rock-solid foundation with virtual bookkeepers and accountants that didn’t “get” what he does.  


“…I spent two whole years trying to find and/or train bookkeepers to understand how my online business works. It's a completely foreign world to most of them”.


Kevin was introduced to Profit First and had been a fan of this method of cash management for quite some time.  He was eager to start his Profit First journey.

Kevin and author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, connected on the Copy Chief Radio Podcast to dive into How to Profit Like Clock Work. This episode gets our highest recommendation, so make the time to listen!

Kevin and Mike are like long lost brothers.  This convo not only entertains, but it also has can’t miss tidbits about milking the profitability out of your business, something we’re always down for at The Bottom Line CPA. 🙌

At the time of recording this podcast, Profit First truly ‘clicked’ with Kevin and he was ready to start implementing, he just needed the right Finance + Profit Pro to do so.

Powerhouse Solutions

Getting started with Kevin meant deep diving into Copy Chief Finances + Operations to drive efficient, effective, scalable solutions for our Peak Partnership client.  

The single most important goal in the first 100 Days? Setting the stage for more pay, play, and profit by implementing The Profit Path™ and Profit First for Kevin.


“I never thought I would LOVE working with an accountant this much…. The very first call I had with Jess, I knew I'd finally found a Finance Team who really understood what we do. But that was only scratching the surface. “ 


The Systems and The Facts (Days 1-30)

Copy Chief was already using Xero (our #1 accounting tool of choice), Gusto (the best payroll solution on the planet), and ReceiptBank (a digital dream for expense management).  

The only tech to add to this stack was Hubdoc because no one should live without auto fetching and organizing their financial docs!  

Yes, our financial tech bias is showing!  😉

With the right financial tech we love present, it was time to get Copy Chief’s tech stack optimized for Scalability, Consistency, Adaptability, Longevity, and Efficiency, better known as our S.C.A.L.E Framework at The Bottom Line CPA.  

  • Established a new Xero Chart of Accounts designed for Online Business
  • Clarified and documented sales reporting process for Revenue clarity
  • Fully optimized Xero Bank Rules, Files, and Contacts to maximize system use
  • Activated ReceiptBank to manage on-the-go Travel and Live Event expenses
  • Connected online accounts in Hubdoc to securely audit-proof the business
  • Adopted WEEKLY accounting updates from the 30-45 day updates prior
  • Assigned a team of Finance + Pros to provide unlimited support for business
  • Completed Profit First Instant Assessment and hosted CPA Advisor Session


Jess, Kristin, and the entire team at TBL specialize in online businesses with a heavy info-marketing focus… AND they are the best Certified Profit First Professionals I've ever worked with. They've become so much more than accountants, they are trusted advisors, confidants, and friends.” 


The Prep, The Plan, The Profit (Days 31-100)

At The Bottom Line CPA, we believe financial TRANSFORMATIONS are fueled by PARTNERSHIP.  We also know “the best work is done when the books are done.”

During the next leg of our 100-day journey with Kevin and the Copy Chief Team, a top priority was transitioning the business to serve Kevin as its first priority in a healthy, sustainable way while helping him keep more of the money he earned.  

The wins made without compromise: 👇🏆

  • Reorganized existing bank accounts and added accounts for Profit First
  • Hosted Tax Planning with sister company, DigiTax Pro™ for tax minimization
  • Evaluated prior year tax returns, Shareholder payroll, and estimated taxes
  • Completed “The Prep” process to count the costs for Kevin’s financial needs, upgrades, and dreams so “The Plan” for the business met these desires
  • Assessed overall structure of Copy Chief offerings to determine a focused strategy to raise revenue and increase profitability with less labor intensity
  • Brought the ONE guiding truth that would change EVERYTHING into focus
  • Evaluated Expenses by Contact in an effort to reduce Operating Expenses
  • Reviewed Team Member roles and developed hiring goals that foster growth
  • Establish “The Profit” cycle by initiating bi-monthly/quarterly money transfers
  • Articulated SMARTER goal to increase Kevin’s Shareholder payroll by 12%
  • Defined Operations, Tax, and Profit First milestones for the upcoming quarters


“People think I'm crazy when I tell them how my accounting calls are the happiest times on my calendar, but that changes fast once they meet the team at TBL. Needless to say, they get my highest recommendation.” 


The Bottom Line

Kevin and the Copy Chief Team embraced the power of partnership by allowing us to lead in our areas of strength – Finance, Tax, Operations, and Profit.  

The partnerships that drive desired results across the finish line are two-way — Kevin and his team being fully present in the process make the difference!  

All decisions when running any business are profit decisions. Remember, “Profit Is A Process™, and the process only works when you work it!”

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