Big News from Marilyn (and a secret discount code, too!)

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An exciting update from The Bottom Line founder and head money mover, Marilyn Parham, CPA.

Humble and modest is good most of the time.

But sometimes, guys, you just gotta brag.

It's easy for me to brag on my team because…well, if you've worked with them, it's obvious why: they're the greatest! So when The Bottom Line hits an important milestone or somebody gets a rave review from a client, I never hesitate to shout it from the rooftops.

But today The Bottom Line team is making me brag about myself. (Oh, boy.) So here goes…

I've just been invited to join the Xero Partner Advisory Council.   

…and okay, I'll admit it. I'm very excited about it.

How It Happened

We are very proud of being a 100% Xero accounting firm. We at The Bottom Line love everything about Xero and–here comes the brag–are second to none when it comes to Xero knowledge and helping our customers learn to use it and integrate it with other Xero Marketplace solutions. 

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It's just our style to go crazy with a tool we love this much. But I guess it really stood out to the Xero crew because a few months ago, our Xero Account Manager (seriously, he is a ROCKSTAR) emailed to say he'd like me to consider applying for the Xero Partner Advisory Council or XPAC for short.

While I believe deeply in our offerings and solutions, I'm always surprised (it’s just my personality) to get awarded for something as I always think I can do better.

I'm really not very good at this bragging thing, am I?

What This Means for Us

As an XPAC member, The Bottom Line will play an integral part in helping Xero continue to innovate their accounting software, as well as other programs they develop.

Along with attending planning meetings with other XPAC members from around the country, I'll be writing articles as a “thought leader” (now there's a title for you) for Xero's content channels, actively participating in the Xero online forum, and helping Xero with research and surveys.

I'm particularly excited that I'll get to be involved in Xero's planning process over the next 3 years. Not only will I have a voice in the decisions they make, but I'll even get face time with Xero executives. Along with participating in the future of this great company, I get to learn from their top people. I won't lie, it's a pretty awesome opportunity!

Being part of XPAC also gives me the opportunity to increase The Bottom Line's visibility, which means we can get our awesome (and valuable) financial and business resources in the hands of a lot more people.

[Tweet “We think @xero is quite simply the best accounting software out there, and we want you to benefit from it.”]

And yes, there is a little bit of swag involved. We'll get early access to product updates, free admission to the annual XeroCon conference, even all-expenses-paid trips to XPAC meetings.

Let me tell you, there is nothing a CPA loves better than the words “all expenses paid.”

What This Means for You

Our vision and mission at The Bottom Line, to impact the lives of small business owners (that's you) by helping them create financial systems and plans that boost their bottom line so they can confidently pocket their profits.

This mission is going to impact that age-old statistic that 80% of small businesses fail… we want to raise the 20% that keeps their businesses moving up!  This mission is the whole reason we have thrown ourselves into using Xero as our tool of choice to gain the truth about how your business is really doing in real-time.  We think it's quite simply the best accounting software out there, and we want you to benefit from it.

My inclusion to the Xero Partner Advisory Council will allow me to be part of the vision of Xero (one that deeply aligns with ours) and help impact how it grows. In other words, I get to take what I know about The Bottom Line's clients (that's you) and use it to help this great company make even greater products and programs for you.

I really cannot wait for you to see the impact over the next few years. As we help drive change through the use of technology, we're going to show business owners like you how to perform less mundane tasks and focus more on the strategic tasks.

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The bottom line? An increase in your pay, profitability and performance.

Are you getting excited, too?

The Bottom Line

As I write this, I'm headed to XeroCon right now, where they're going to announce all the new XPAC members. It's going to be a crazy week, so I want to take a minute right now to hammer a point with you:

The right financial foundation is critical to growth and pocketing your profits.

I get that it's hard to change. Believe me, I understand it feels like way too much work to fit a new system (or learning new technology) into your already busy schedule.

But here's the truth:

If you don't have a financial system…

If you are still putting off creating a system because you think your business is too small for it to matter…

If you are still skipping steps, cutting corners and crossing your fingers that you'll make a profit this year…

It's time to rethink the way you think about accounting.

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The thing is, accounting is so much more than taxes! The way you think about your money has everything to do with how fast it grows (or doesn't). The truth is that your business is never too small to make a plan. Once you've got a plan, you have a pathway for growth.

What we do best at The Bottom Line is help you create that plan. Xero is a tool (the BEST tool, we think) to help you execute that plan.

I'm really hopeful that in the coming years as an XPAC member, I'll learn new ways and help develop new programs that help you experience the real difference that a financial system can make!

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