All-Company Thanksmas 2018 Recap

The holidays are in full swing and if the cold weather mixed with twinkling lights in East TN weren’t enough for us to know… our all-company Thanksmas moved us along!  

This is actually our FIRST annual all-company Thanksmas.  In years past we’ve hosted for our team a Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas gathering, and then New Year’s Eve wind-down.  

Taking inspiration from Marilyn’s gratitude share HERE, we hosted our very first Thanksmas! (By the way, if you missed our team Gratitude Series you can read them all HERE.)

It was a perfect day together
with all three of our companies —- The Bottom Line CPA, DigiTax Pro, and A Brilliant Bookkeeper.  Our local team didn’t have too far to travel and team members from Colorado and Texas joined us!

Our agenda was simple —- to feed, lead, and connect with each other!

Towards the end of the 1m 11s video above you’ll see that as a team we set our Words for 2019 and our Theme for 2019.  These are special for us to do and man…. we enjoy praying this all in and setting them up but we do so with great caution because in these things we will be challenged!  #TrueStory

Do you establish a WORD for your year?  Have you ever thought of setting an intention for your year’s mission in business?  

Our theme for 2019 is #RadicalReach.  The acronym for REACH defines how we will engage our year to come, establish goals, and measure them along the way!

Relationships – Deepen with God, self, each other, and others. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Expansion – Grow in a BIG-small way with loving connection over conversion. (1 Co 13:1-3)  

Adaptability – How you grow and change requires leadership and discipline. (Proverbs 16:9)

Completion – Let us commit to the good work with JOY until it is done.  (Phil 1:3-6)

Harmony – As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18)

There is so much thought, prayer, counsel, and discernment that goes into all of our decisions when we focus on the upcoming year.  It is truly powerful!

This company practice and gathering is one  of the most precious times of year for me personally and for our team. #HappyThanksmas2018    

I just wanted to make time to share the journey with and maybe even inspire you a little in your own business and life.  

Take 71 seconds and watch HERE.  

To joy and partnership,
Jess 🙂  

PS – The official-official announcement has not been shared but enrollment for The Profit Path™ Program has opened!  If you are in a DIY season with your eCommerce or Online Business and need financial and profit partners who care about how you go and grow — we’re waiting for you!