Our Passion Is To Be As Passionate As You Are About Your Business

The Bottom Line® CPA is an award-winning, 100% Xero cloud accounting practice serving as industry leaders for Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business owners.

Founded in 1996, TBLCPA launched into the online world circa 2013, quickly becoming the done-for-you Finance + Profit Pros behind many elite online brands.

We Believe Serving With Heart To Make Serious Work Fun Is Not An Option

No matter the business season, sales, or budget — we believe every Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business owner should have a CPA-Supported Finance Team that “gets” you.

We speak eCommerce and live the language of online business every single day.

We learn from you and you’ll grow with us, but you won’t spend a minute of your time or money convincing us what you do, how you do it, or why you do it. We promise!

We love serving a growing community of Online Sellers, Course Creators, Membership Makers, Service Providers and more. Our client relationships often begin before the first sale is even made and celebrated when the multi-six- and seven-figures milestones happen!

And, yes, that all sounds lovely, right?

But…… The Truth About The Bottom Line Is In What You Keep Not What You Earn

It’s way easier to share when you made sales than it is to say — “I’m not sure where it all went.” #TrueStory. There’s no place for shame in this game. There is room for acceptance on where you are financially and unapologetic grit to keep going in your online climb!

Dreams that last are built on rock-solid financial foundations that help you keep more of the money you earn. #ProfitFundsDreams

So, where do we begin? By creating financial systems and profit plans that help you confidently pocket your profits. We care about the partnerships you create for impact along the way too.

We are changing the conversation on how Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business owners relate to their numbers, manage their finances, and connect with the CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Profit Pros that serve them. Won’t you join us?


About Marilyn Parham

People matter.

This simple but powerful statement is how Marilyn views the world and why she does what she does, serving Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and Online Business Owners.

Marilyn is a lot like our community in many ways. She isn't just a CPA, she is a small business owner, online entrepreneur, and restaurateur. Marilyn walks out her Christian faith daily to balance family, friends, work, and the many other things life brings along.

Those who connect with Marilyn through The Bottom Line® CPA appreciate the care she brings to their business, her “in-the-trenches” knowledge, and practical approach to accounting, bookkeeping, and tax. Harmony is her Top Strength and #1 thing we adore about her.

Marilyn serves as the Founder + CEO of The Bottom Line® CPA, a sole proprietor business she started in 1996 to help small business owners and contribute to her family’s finances. The business now serves more than 250+ clients in all 50 U.S. States, including international sellers!

Marilyn graduated with a B.S. in Accounting in 1989 from Tennessee Technological University. Her CPA Certification was obtained in September 1993. She has been highlighted for many years as one of Hubdoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America and actively served on the Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC) from 2016-2018.

Connect With The Bottom Line® CPA

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Meet Team TBL

Marilyn Parham, CPA
Founder + CEO

Jessica Mae Stafford
Chief Vision + Branding Officer

Ashley Newman
Director of Operations

Christopher Mahler, CPA
Director of Taxation, DigiTax Pro™

Sumer Brackett
Team + Client Success

Lindsey Fronapfel, CPA
Advisor + Virtual CFO

Mark Mangali
Brilliant Bookkeeper

Mary Beth Pennington
Team + Client Success

Angela Beck
Executive Support + Services

We Are A Family Of Companies

In the early days of The Bottom Line® CPA, we handled everything under one umbrella. As our vision and services expanded we knew it was time to evolve.

  • 1996 → The Bottom Line operated as a local sole proprietor business by Marilyn.
  • 2013 Jessica Mae Stafford joined The Bottom Line® CPA and launched online.
  • 2014 → The Bottom Line® CPA became 100% Xero and Certified as Profit First Professionals.
  • 2016 → The Bottom Line® CPA put its first employee hires into action priming for growth.
  • 2017 → The Profit Path™ came to life as a DIY Training for eCommerce and Online Business.
  • 2018 → Chris Mahler, CPA joined our family as Director of Taxation and DigiTax Pro™ was born.
  • 2019 → Karena Burgess joined our family as Executive Director for A Brilliant Bookkeeper™.