Introverts and extroverts are polar opposites when it comes to relating to others. Extroverts are energized by groups while introverts are drained by crowds. Each processes information in unique ways, extroverts are external processors while introverts are internal. If you tend to lean towards an introverted communication style you are not alone, one in three people are most likely introverted by nature. 

While introverts would likely never gravitate to extrovert-type activities on their own, there are certain traits extroverts have that introverts should consider for success in business. Introverts need not become social butterflies and throw large conferences to be a success, but they can adopt three communication skill sets from extroverts that will make a big difference. They are:

  • Become action-oriented
  • Be Enthusiastic
  • Be Sociable 

Extroverts get things done

Since extroverts thrive in community, it makes sense that they have the skills and connections to get things done. Extroverts are capable networkers and don’t shy away from making connections to foster relationships, reach goals, and take big action. 

Introverts tend to process internally which means they rely on their own ideas and resources rather than networking with others. This can slow down growth in business and projects may take longer or never move past the planning stage.

Adopting a Get-It-Done attitude can help introverts reach their business goals. You don’t have to network with large groups to be action-oriented. Cultivating a trusted group of colleagues is all you need. Consider joining a mastermind group for accountability, sharing resources, and collaboration. 

Extroverts are enthusiastic

Extroverts get their energy from being around others. Many extroverts learn, process, and communicate audibly meaning they love to talk. Sometimes extroverts have a level of enthusiasm that’s shocking to introverts. While introverts do feel enthusiastic, they sometimes fail to show it to others. 

Adopting the social skill of expressing enthusiasm with others can help introverts in business. People enjoy being around enthusiastic people. Since many introverts are quiet and prefer to be alone, it can be a challenge to express enthusiasm as it may seem silly or inconsequential. Find things to be enthusiastic about in your business and make a point of sharing them. You can express enthusiasm in marketing material, autoresponders, and in one-to-one conversations. Sharing enthusiasm may not be second nature, but you can learn to get excited in a comfortable way that boosts interest in your business. 

Extroverts are sociable

One of the best things about introverts tends to be their self-sufficiency. Introverts don’t rely on others for much, preferring to figure things out on their own or, at the least, rely on a small group of close contacts. Extroverts are sociable. They pay close attention to the temperature in a room and the needs of those they’re around. This gives them an opportunity to offer their support, help, and resources which builds the know, like, and trust, factor in their customers and colleagues.

Being sociable is a skill set that wins friends and influences others. Being in tune with the needs of your customers, employees, or colleagues can help you make strong relationships that are reciprocating. Since introverts are able to tune into subtle cues from others, it can be easy to assess what’s going on socially and make a move. From asking a colleague out for coffee or mentoring an employee, there are plenty of ways for introverts to be sociable that don’t require large crowds. 

The Bottom Line

Introverts thrive in business when they find the gentle balance between being social and being alone. There’s no doubt that extroverts have an easy time making connections and being social. Thankfully, you can adopt some of their skill sets without drastically affecting your natural communication style.