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When was the last time you took a day off? 

It's every entrepreneur's dream to have the freedom, flexibility, and discretion to take time off whenever they want. A lot of entrepreneurs want that freedom but they never get around to taking it.

As we get older, we need time off even more than we did when we were younger. We also need to play more than ever. After all, what’s the point of hustling so hard if we're not taking the time to play and rest?

Today, we dive into scheduling your success with time off. You're in a business to grow. You're in a business to do big things. Therefore, time off should be your thing. 

When you are in a leadership role, there are even more reasons for you to care of yourself. If you enjoy work and taking time off isn’t your idea of freedom, then choose what freedom looks like to you. Use this time to identify what it is you want to do, what it is you want to work on, and how you want to grow this year. 

Just to put things in perspective, there are no emergencies in accounting. It's not life and death stuff physically, though it can be emotionally and mentally. You have to figure out how to play both sides.

Ultimately, you can’t define your success by what you accomplish. You're worth it just because of who you are. That alone is enough reason for you to take care of yourself. If you don't think you need it, just try to reconsider. What you do in your time off can vary; regardless, you need that pause button to regenerate yourself. You just have to start small and start somewhere.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Defining freedom for yourself
  • Tracking your time and using your calendar
  • Protecting your time off
  • Developing your ONE thing commitment, protecting it, and honoring it
  • Developing the muscle of delegation and trust
  • The importance of rest and paying people to get things off your plate
  • Planning and scheduling your time off for the whole year

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