111: Annual Planning 2022: Crafting One-Thing Commitments For Growth In 2023

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Today, we're diving into our annual planning for 2022 and we’ll show you how we’re crafting our one-thing commitments for growth in 2023. This activity is actually a part of the EOS® way. But whether you're on EOS or not, this exercise definitely applies to every single business.

Trust is the foundation for every relationship and it has been a very important ingredient in our journey with EOS for the last two years and in our last 10 years in business in general. Building trust is a 24/7 opportunity. And part of building that trust is to have some form of planning. 

If you're making this a commitment for your leadership team, you will grow together as a team and be able to practice vulnerability –  a muscle that you have to learn to use continually. This is a great time for everyone in the leadership to receive feedback and be vulnerable and kind. 

Remember, you will feel every ounce of growth you ask for when you want it. And depending on how hard you want to play this one-thing commitment will help you discover that.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How commitment exercise in the leadership team works
  • Start or stop statements are a trust builder
  • Why vulnerability requires risk
  • What the one-thing commitment statement looks like
  • Capitalizing on your asset, which is your team member

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