108: Crafting & Delivering Your Company Core Values Speech Quarterly

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In this episode, we dive into crafting and delivering your Company Core Values Speech quarterly. How? By sharing our own core values speech at The Bottom Line®. We have our core values speech that happens every quarter. And we decided to share it for you to have an idea of what our team hears every quarter. Hopefully, you will find value in it.

In March 2023, we will be celebrating 10 years as a business online. In January 2020, even before the pandemic actually hit, the company was facing some big decisions. Ultimately, we decided to adopt the EOS to help us get focused and clear on what we really wanted to do. 

In the two years of this three-year process, we have resolved our identity crisis and we have come back home to the vision, purpose, and mission that God set us on, all those years ago. And part of the EOS® process is to have a quarterly core values speech for every team member to reflect on and have a conversation around it. 

Our core values are the foundations that our vision is built, therefore, we have to live out these core values every day.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How EOS® has impacted the business
  • Culture as the unseen force that drives operational results
  • The importance of delivering a core values speech every quarter
  • Our core values speech this quarter
  • What every core value in our company looks like and doesn’t look like

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