067: Quarterly & Annual Planning EOS Style

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It's almost Thanksgiving! It's also a great time of year to understand what quarterly and annual planning should look like because, as an entrepreneur, you want to schedule your success and not lose traction. 

At The Bottom Line CPA, we’re following the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) style where we break our annual planning down into 90-day segments to make sure that we’re still aligned with our annual goal. 

Now, the bigger the goal is, the more you can lose focus. If the goal feels too big, it can get overwhelming to the point that your productivity suffers. EOS teaches you how to compartmentalize and break down your goals into 90-day steps so they become more achievable.

Most importantly, you’ve got to do this in a way that’s aligned with you and your gifts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leverage your strengths with the right people in the room and your efforts won’t be as fruitful as they could be.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The benefits of using the EOS style
  • What Quarterly Pulsing looks like
  • The core value speech 
  • The 3 main objectives of a quarterly planning session
  • The benefits of quarterly planning
  • What annual planning looks like

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