065: Top 12 Questions When Hiring An Accountant

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Year-end is the perfect time to decide if you're with the right accounting partner. In this episode, Ashley Travis, one of our digital marketing team members at The Bottom Line, joins us to talk about the top 12 questions you should consider asking when it's time to hire an accountant, tax preparer, or accounting team for your business. Ashley pulled these 12 questions together based on the things we get asked all the time here at The Bottom Line and on questions she's seen in other communities. These are not easy conversations to have but they're necessary and crucial.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • 12 questions to ask when hiring an accountant
  • Why it’s important to ask these types of questions
  • Knowing their types of clients and experience in the field
  • Focusing on relationships, not transactions
  • Setting expectations and finding the right fit

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