062: Gaining Momentum with Your Executive Assistant

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As a visionary or an executive, you may get it in your head sometimes that you’re hiring people for yourself. However, you’re there as a leader for your people. Success depends on the growth of your leadership. Therefore, you have to be the leader that your people are proud to serve.  

At The Bottom Line CPA, we're in the process of adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) founded by Gino Wickman. As a result of that, everything has been changing in the last 18 months.

Today, Jessica brings in Mary Beth Pennington, a longtime employee of The Bottom Line who has just transitioned to the executive support function inside the marketing and sales department. Those areas are largely centered around inbox and calendar management, scheduling, and file management.

Listen in as they talk about how you can gain momentum with your Executive Assistant, how you can build trust on a foundational level, and some lessons they’ve learned during this pivotal transition in their organization.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The 180-degree turn that occurred when we adopted EOS filtering from the top-down
  • Mary Beth’s five distinct areas of ownership
  • What the DNA of a great Executive Assistant is
  • How to nurture the EA-Executive relationship
  • What 100-day onboarding looks like
  • The importance of managing expectations
  • Being part of the membership program, Momentum HQ

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