049: Membership Mastery with Shane Sams

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Is your online business paying you $1 an hour – worse than your previous job?

Are you tired of selling online courses that you’re not even sure someone is going to buy or perhaps you’ve already reached your peak?

If you’re at a point in your online business right now where you feel stagnant or stuck and you’re trying to figure things out, consider the power of a membership model.

Every decision is a profit decision and profit is measured in time, energy, and money.

In today’s episode, Shane Sams joins us to talk about how he transitioned from being a school teacher into an online business owner and why he eventually tapped into the power of the membership model.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Shane’s transition from being employed to starting an online business
  • The challenges of building an online business
  • The power of a membership model
  • The biggest catalysts for change and escalating a membership
  • Getting over the spotlight syndrome
  • The better alternative to split testing

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