030: Ins & Outs of How to Treat Self-Employed Health Insurance

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As a business owner, you have to know how to operate and manage your self-employed health insurance premiums because this means significant tax deduction. And you don't want to miss a single ounce of it!

This can be a very confusing topic so we’re going to break this down into the simplest form possible.

You don’t want to miss your self-employed health insurance deduction because this can be really expensive, especially if you're paying for insurance for your family. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What is self-employed health insurance?
  • Why you need to keep track of your premiums
  • Paying your premiums through your company
  • How it works through different entities (sole proprietor, single-member LLC, S corp)
  • Paying premiums through the C corp

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